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Earthworks Started This Journey As A Sustainable Living "Think Tank"

The Earthworks "Think Tank" of inspired, eco-social visionaries have been dedicated to researching, documenting, and implimenting best practices for sustainable community development for over two decades. Members of our research team have investigated and visited over 100 intentional communities all around the world and collectivly have hundreds of years of experience in search of the best practices in sustainable and healthy living. This acumulative research is what informs the Earthworks sustainable community design process.

After years of research and planning, the dream of Earthworks Eco Village's design process began to take shape at Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center in 1999. A group of talented permaculture designers set out to create Earthworks with the vision of bringing a wealth of experience into play with optimal eco-social design in mind. A vision of community design that integrates the best practices for sustainable and healthy living from around the world.

One of the communities our team explored was the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland, considered by many to be the grandmother of all eco-villages. It hosts many courses and workshops on eco-community development that have contributed greatly to the evolution of sustainable community development. Our holistic approach to community development was seeded by our time at Findhorn and evolved from there. The Findhorn experience has been an inspiration to many intentional communities around the world. Earthworks brings an international network of designers together to add practical community development resources to the wonderful educational work of Findhorn and other organizations. Earthworks' design network provides custom design solutions for intentional communities around the world. We design communities around the principles of permaculture. Through the work we do, Earthworks also hope to sow “sustainability seeds” to help grow healthier and sustainable communities and culture.

Modeling Success - Findhorn Foundation 50th Anniversary Conference

By learning from the best, the Earthworks team brings the collective wisdom of hundreds of projects to the table when designing community solutions for our clients. It has taken decades of research to get to the point where an integrated design process in now available to intentional communities.

Earthworks Eco Village Design Services

By researching, testing and evaluating sustainable techniques and leading technologies, Earthworks has been able to inform the process of designing new communities around permaculture principles that integrate everything from food and energy security to eco-enterprise development, eco-education and natural health - all part of the resources for new community development intitiatives.

Earthworks Eco Villages now provides professional incubation and consulting services in project design and development for intentional communities through design systems that integrate the social, ecological and economic needs of the community. Our holistic approach to community design is carefully crafted to meet the needs of the community.

The Site Planning and Edible Forest Landscaping of an Earthworks Community is designed to create extrodinarily livable environments for its residents, while at the same time providing energy and food security for the community. Our entire development process emphasizes the health of residences through optimizing our organic inputs, by preserving clean air, clean water and clean earth throughout the project.

The High Performance Structures in an Earthworks Community are designed and constructed to function elegantly, efficiently, and sustainably. Our eco-design process is informed by the natural assets of the site, integrating with the surrounding eco-system characteristics. Infrastructures are designed to generate self-sufficient energy supplies from renewable resources, and to capture and treat all of its own water. Our "healthy home" construction methods use natural and healthy building materials that eliminate all of todays common toxins and carcinogens from the living space.

The Earthworks team helps your community reach its goals throughout the design and development process. Good eco-social planning is the key to success in sustainable intentional community development. We work with you to ensure that the social, economic and environmental priorities of your community are achieved. Our ultimate objective is to create ideal space for your community members to live, work and play in concert with the natural habitate of your community.

Project Development Plan

Our Consulting process starts with the "Big Picture" and works down from there to the specific solutions for a given project. Before any design or planning work is started, a project program should be developed, to clarify and specify the requirements of the project. At this stage, we examine the world-view, objectives and requirements of the participants along with the regulatory, geographic, economic, environmental and social context for the project.

Integrative Whole Systems Design For Sustainability

Our consulting and design process takes a panoramic approach to sustainable community development, as we take the time to explore a variety of potential building blocks for each community including:

The Earthworks Eco Village design team is highly professional and can nurture a project every step of the way with the objectives of the project development plan in mind. From concept, through development and all the way to completion you can count on our team to provide informed guidance that keeps your project on target.

Site Planning

Earthworks believes community structures and resources should be integrated parts and a meaningful addition to the natural landscape of the site. Earthworks Site Planning draws from permaculture principles in a design process which organizes the project's resources to work in concert with the surrounding landscape while optimizing solar exposures, site access, approach, privacy, food production, power generation, fresh water collection, waste water treatment and recreational and cultural assets.

Conceptual Design

After the Development Program is established, Site Assessment and Site Plan are in place, a Conceptual Design is then developed. The Conceptual Design (also called schematic design) captures the idea of the project while the principal structures' configuration, look and intent is determined.

Design Development

After the Conceptual Design is completed, the design is developed to a defined, hard-lined plan. At this stage the building layout, sections and elevations are plotted, together with the building materials, construction methods, principal details and environmental technologies.

Landscape Design

We take a holistic approach to every project and integrate a permaculture design as part of site optimization before the final structural designs are completed. This helps to intergrate the relationship between the structured space and the outside space in the entire project.

Construction Drawings

When the design is fully developed, the construction drawings (or blueprints) are generated. At this stage the construction details, dimensioned plans, sections, elevations, door and window schedules and specifications are generated and compiled in a set of drawings. The construction drawings serve as the principal document for building permit application and construction guidance.

Project Supervision

The proper execution of the project is imperative for the achievement of the projects' objective. Because of this, we supervise the construction to ensure that work is done in accordance with the design.

Project Management

Working with experienced trades-people, Earthworks can manage the construction of your community development, from foundations to finish, ensuring healthy and sustainable principles are integrated throughout the process


Green Retrofitting

Integrating healthy eco-home principles in the renovation or addition of an existing structure adds value, comfort and functionality to any renewal project. We can "green" the inside and outside of any project in ways that improve the quality of life for those that inhabit the space.

Take a look at some of the Intentional Communities we have designed.

Join us in our venture to explore healthy and sustainable community resources designed to help develop places to live, work and play in concert with (and supported by) our natural environment.

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