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In a world where unconscious decision making has led us to indecent exposure to toxins in our air, our water, our food and even what touches our skin, we have seen all the seeds of modern disease growing within our society. We are witnessing environmental changes that have put entire ecosystems on the verge of collapse. It is easy to become disillusioned with the paths our culture has traveled on. But it is also easy to see that it is time to create positive change in our lives and in our communities.

Many of us have had a dream of living in a world created by conscious decisions that will lead us to a point where the human footprint has a positive impact and actually restores natural systems. The desire is to be part of a community that is doing it the right way and dealing with our social, economic and environmental issues in an enlightened manner.

That dream is coming true, as a small group of people set out to create Earthworks with this very vision in mind: A vision that integrates the best practices for sustainable and healthy living. By creating a community dedicated to researching sustianable living techniques and technologies including eco enterprise development, eco education and natural health, Earthworks will be exploring solutions that can contribute to developing templates for sustainable communities.

It's the right time

We all know that between climate change and peak oil alone we are in for some significant changes to the very fabric of our society. This is the right time to prepare for those changes. Earthworks is designed to provide a platform on which we can walk our talk about how we can be living on this earth. The Earthworks facilities are being designed to demonstrate stratagies for long term energy and food security while creating healthy environments for humans to inhabit.

The right vision

Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center is facilitating the creation of the first Earthworks Research Centre north of Highway 7 in Eastern Ontario. After years of searching we found a beautiful and ideal piece of property for this project. With 75 acres of organic fields and possible renewable power generation sufficient to provide for the whole community. Today the potential for a self sufficient lifestyle is achievable. The site provides the neccesary physical resources to create a sustainable research facility. As the research facilities develop participants in this project will enjoy the real possibility of economic, food and energy security in a healthy and nurturing environment. Earthworks will demonstrate that it is possible to live, to learn, to create, to work and play all in the context of the ecological principals of our natural world.

The right mission

Our mission is "to create sustainable solutions and demonstrate the possibilities of a zero footprint".

We intend to create statiscically verifiable data on techniques and technology for sustainable agriculture, housing, energy, and resource utilization. This project will demonstrate sustainable development principles that can be utilized as an example of optimized ecologically based development. The plan applies permaculture principles to provide community resources that work with and are inspired by our natural support systems.

Edible forest gardens, and smaller scale annual and perennial combo gardens, herb gardens and eco orchards around the research structures we will be building. Larger scale sustainable cropping systems in the fields are also being planned to examine and research various approaches to meeting the growing demands for organic agricultural products.

Our goals include demonstrating the viability of organic micro farms that meet the human needs of a farming family and contribute to the needs of thier community. In order to develop and demonstrate sustainable economic and lifestyle models, the pilot projects incorporate food and energy security as well as resources for education, eco business, and recreation into each site plan.

Just as in nature where there is no such thing as waste, we will also endeavour to make the by-products of our activities feed or fuel other processes in cycles of energy and matter within our project and the natural systems that we are so much part of. It will acknowledge the fact that the Earthworks project exists within a community of natural organisms that are engaged in mutually supportive relationships. In a sense, as we manifest our intentions at Earthworks, we will develop our own “declaration of interdependence” with our natural world.


Explore Sustainable Living

Explore these pages with that vision in mind and read about human accommodation that lives completely within its solar income. See the homes that will both heat and cool themselves. Read about interior green houses that can provide fresh organic produce through out the year. See how sustainable structures can collect their own water, heat its own water, provide its own energy and make use of and process waste products of living, save time, energy and money by making good use of green energy. Many of these features also reduce the load on municipal infrastructures.

Read about how these marvelous homes designs fit also into a holistic and symbiotic relationship with its landscape and the rest of the community. Read how this project founded in permaculture principals is designed to meet human needs by using nature based approach to healthy and sustainable living without damaging the environment in any way.

Read how by combining sustainable approaches to Agriculture, Education, Enterprise, Recreation and Culture, Earthworks will demonstrate truly healthy and sustainable lifestyles that can be used as a model for future development.

Be the change in your life

At this point in history we can not afford to be caught up in endless debates about doom and gloom senarios. It is time to create the changes in our lives that can make a difference to both ourselves and our planet at the same time. Earthworks can demonstrate that we can live, work and play in harmony with the Earth, and enrich our natural eco systems and our society in a harmonious way.


So join us on our journey into creating sustainable and healthy lifestyles within our community. This is a grand opportunity to learn from the past, integrate with the present and create the kind of future that we all want.

There are many ways to participate in Earthworks projects as students, volunteers, consultants, eco businesses, suppliers, sponsors, and as shareholders. So if creating a sustainable future is of interest to you then please explore how you can participate in the Earthworks projects.

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