geodesicThe Earthworks understands that a commitment to the greater good is part of creating a sustainable culture. Earthworks intends to promote interfaith dialogue to help create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.  Through this dialogue we hope to acknowledge and celebrate our commonality.

While acknowledging that every part of a community represents an opportunity to worship and appreciate the gifts of our natural world, we often will include a specific “Worship Centre”  that welcomes all faiths and practices.

To foster an environment for learning about spirituality and its links to sustainability the Worship Centre can provide an environment for community members to express there spirituality.

In this kind of inclusive space all practices are welcome and we hope that community members will be able to develop and strengthen their knowledge within the Worship Centre.  The depth of expression possible in a supportive environment will go a long way to helping our communities to be Inclusive, Kind, Generous and Respectful.

Take a look at some of the Intentional Communities we have designed.

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