Creating Your Participation

Teaching, Learning, Living and Working is all possible at an Earthworks Intentional Community. An Earthworks Community Membership is a powerful tool to learn the many aspects of Sustainable Living. It makes it possible for those who are committed to ecologically responsible and healthy living to enjoy opportunities to be involved with leading edge sustainability innitiatives, learn in a hands on way and experience all the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle. Our Eco Village Communities have memberships to suit several levels of participation.

Benifits of Membership

Being part of an Earthworks community means a lot more than clean water, organic food, and fresh air! As members we gain access to a number of resources, as when we participate in an Earthworks Community membership we are investing in a very strong mutually beneficial, holistic and sustainable community. The bonus is that we are also contributing to the development of healthy places to live, learn, work and play that will provide food and energy security for the future. We are, in fact, participating in the creation of an innovative type of eco community that creates new possibilities of working and living in harmony with the earth. Our community creates new possibilities for you and your family!

Creating A Sustainable And Healthy Future.

If you want your future to be both healthy and sustainable and you have the time, the money, and the motivation to invest in the creation of a healty lifestyle and sustainable future for you and your family then now is an ideal time to get involved in the creation of just such a community.

A Sustainable Lifestyle - We develop solutions based on holistic and sustainable lifestyle models, that incorporate food and energy security as well as resources for education, eco-business, and recreation. We bringing together the informormation, the resources and the talents needed for each project. For over 30 years we have been leaders in conducting much needed and ongoing research into sustainable best practices in community development. As a result every Earthworks project is informed by that experience. Experiance that is devoted to enhancing your quality of life as we create a better future!

A Sustainable Community - Every intentional community brings an opportunity to combine the art and science of sustainable community development. The Science is in the research, testing and sometimes creating the best sustainable techniques and technologies that enhance that quality of life for each community. The art of eco community development is creating the optimum natural balance in all aspects food and energy production, shelter, economics and culture of the community. A place where the nurturing, safty and security of your home extents into the fabric of your community.

Sustainable Enterprise - We help each community with resourses for planning and developing sustainable business models and eco enterprise. Earthworks goes further incorporating an Eco Enterprise Centres into every community to enable and empower the development of several enterprises that based on a sustainable business model. These enterprises can employ paticipants in agricultural, commercial and cultural and recreational enterprises that are designed to be sustianable profit centres that can support the ongoing building of community resources and development of sustainable living technlogies and techniques. Our Earthworks Enterprise Centres can provide an eco business incubator that can facilitate new community entiprises ranging from edible forest landscaping to home design and build services, to green energy solutions and sustainable and healthy products and services.

Earthworks projects contribute sustainable economic assets that grow healthier local economies and communities. It is clear that Sustainable enterprises create more stable economic conditions for individuals and communities to grow and prosper. The community economy of Earthworks projects are driven by individuals who want to be involved and benefit from participating in the development of sustainable business and economic models.

Sustainable Education - Creating informed communities is about sharing how to walk lightly on the planet while meeting all our human needs. Earthwalk’s Sustainable Living Centre has been developing educational programs for children and adults on a wide range of sustainable living and natural health subjects. This Eco Education Centre has already been running accelerated learning programs at a number of collages and universities and are now making thier programs available to all Earthworks Eco Village projects. They can help us develop an Eco Learning Centres in our communities that can feature outdoor and indoor displays and demonstration areas of eco techniques and technologies as well as an indoor classroom, theatre facilities that can offer digital media and video training programs on Sustainable Living.

Sustainable Health - We like the think that Earthwalk communities provide the resouces for every community member to live healthy and effective lives. And most importantly live up to thier genetic potential. To this end Earthwalk can help to develop Natual Oasis Healing Arts Centres. A natural health centre designed to assist its clients regain, maintain and sustain optimal health. We would like to make natural health services and education avialalbe in every intentional community we develope. We vision Natural Oasis centres as offering a total health solution with a multitude of resources for natural health mangement.

Your Participation

Creating Your Participation - You can create your level of participatin to match what you want to get out of being part of our community! We are accepting applications now on a few projects. To become a participant in an Earthworks Community one simply needs to demonstrate an interest in permaculture and/or ecological principles and be willing to make a significant commitment to objectives of the project. There are many level of partication available to fit your interests and needs and learning opportunities to round out the knowledge of successful applicants. If you have any questions about how you can be involved contact us at 888-844-3444 x4

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