Natural Oasis Retreat
An Oasis For The Body And Soul

We Encourage every eco village design to include holistic resources that support the well being if its residents. A nartural health resource centre that provides facilities, education and professional support. Natural Oasis for example provides a service offering a complete natural health program with a veriety of resources that can help you restore and maintain your health. Here are just a few examples of what they can bring to your community.

Natural Oasis has created very special retreats often set in a private natural parkland. This approach offers a peaceful, friendly and relaxing atmosphere in a secluded and private facility surrounded with a mature forest full of trails and quiet corners to relax and meditate on wonders of nature and the privilege of indulging in its treasures.

Commune wih nature. Step outside to our private forest and and nature trails to participate in bird watching or hiking. Explore our permiculture gardens and special spriritual walk ways.

Nurture yourself with the world class spa treatments and therapies designed to both restore, rejeuvinate your health.

Empower yourself with our natural health workshops or coaching.. Nurish your soul and your body with our all naturel meals. The food at the Natural Oasis is nothing short of fabulous. Enjoy the organic raw ftuits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Many are grown in our own greenhouse and on our organic farm.

Endulge yourself with a personal journey towards rejevination. We are pationate about sharing powerfully healthy meals and integrated wholistic lifestyles. Both natural optimal nutrition and the healing power of love are integrated into every meal and every experiance.

Participate in our Living Food Lifestyle Retreats and discover the life changing benefits of eating a raw organic diet. The food at this Oasis is crafted for both health and flavor by our epicurean genius and raw food chef who will also teach you how to craft many rawlishious meals during our stay at Natural Oasis.

A Healthy and Stimulating Life Begins With Choices

Take advantage of our ongoing natural health workshops and seminars which can fill your day with healthy learning that can last a life time. In your spare time (if you can find some) the Oasis is conveniently located near several golf clubs, The local parks, wineries, antique stores, fine dining, museums, art galleries, hiking trails, fishing, great shopping and a kaleidoscope of activities and events to enhance your perfect get away.

This kind of world class holistic program can be truely life changing as it empowers clients with the knowledge and skills to create optimal health while providing and opportunity to experiance the benifts of a Living Food Lifestyle. Oasis have special packages that provide an affordable retreat experiaence that integrates fun, learning, relaxation and rejuvination in the midst of our natural wildlife refuge.

We find that the hosts in an Oasis retreat are very grateful to have the opportunity to share with you a natural oasis. They invite you to experience warm hospitality surrounded by abundant natural beauty. What this adds to the culture of an intentional community is imesurable.

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