Natural Health Education
Natural Health Network

One of the core objectives of Earthworks is to facilitate a healthy communities.
Much has been learned around the world about natural health solutions that help to restore and maintain good health.

Including the partici[ation of natural health practitioners in our communities is part of our vision of creating a health and healing resource base for our communities - not only for our community members, but for individuals that want to come to an Earthworks Community for treatments or healing retreats.

We also always encourage the growing and consuming food that prevents common diseases. Our educational programing includes teachings about foods that heal, and diets that prevent disease. In our communities a lot of our resources are focused on healthy food production, storage and preparation.

Optimal organic food security and research projects are a prime focus of good permicaulture design yet we are still refining our suggestions regarding crops to propagate and seeds to accumulate. Like any good design process it is constantly evolveing with new and better best practices.

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