Holistic Education
Learning And Growing

A central goal of our communities is to provide educational opportunities for sustainable and healthy living. We have been working with the Earthwalk Eco Education Centre to develop a whole series of courses and workshops for Earthworks network of intentional communities

So now, Earthwalk’s Eco Education Center provides a wide spectrum of educational resources for Earthworks Eco Villages with more to come. For instance, Earthwalk has instructors and keynote speakers from a wide variety of sustainable living diciplines who are available to bring programing to our villages. They have created an Eco-Media department which is developing digital programs that can be used at all Earthworks Eco Village projects.

Classroom space is usually planned into our facility designs to accommodate educational programs, which incorporate the latest techniques of accelerated learning through holistic action based education.

Earthworks Sustainable Living Institute will be offering courses and workshops on a wide variety of environmentally responsible and healthy living subjects, creating ample opportunities for community members’ personal growth.

Educational Programs have already been developed at the Earthwalk Eco Education Center many of which will be available to our community members. You can see a partial list of workshops and courses at the Earthwalk website.

One of the core objectives behind Earthworks designed communities is the concept of using Permaculture principals to intigrate human activity with natural systems. So we make sure that it is not only woven into the design of our communities but we also make sure that courses and workshops that expand our members knowledge and skills in this area are made available to our communities. We believe that permaculture based community development is an integral part of creating a healthy and sustainable future for all of us and that our communities should stand as examples of how sustainable solutions can address so many of the eco-social issues we face today.

We want our communities to with us and together to address the social, ecological and economic needs of each community. So we communities develop educational programs that support those goals. We are at our core holistic visionaries working to bring common sense solutions of the future into communities of today. But this can only work when the memberhip of our communities share these values. That is why we have an application process for community membership. Of course, it also goes without saying that an interest in a permaculture approach to eco-culture, organic food production, natural health and natural building are among the obvious asset for anyone interested in applying for membership in one of our communities.

People with these interests will find Earthworks Eco Villages to be fertile ground to grow their interests and their skills in sustainable living, with the additional potential for earning an income through the Eco Enterprise Center built into every one of our communities.

Earthworks is all about building communities that truly support thier enhabitats. Communities that work together for the common good.

Take a look at some examples of the Intentional Communities we have designed.

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