Green Energy
Renewable Energy Security

One of our objectives in every community is to provide our residents with energy security. We have the good fortune to have found village sites with optimal zones for the development of several renewable energy systems.

We have excellent wind sites and optimum solar exposures at several locations, and at some sites the potential for 24/7 hydro generation is there. We often set aside some land for a possible solar farm as well.

When we consider the needs of future generations, we want what's best for them. Solar, and other renewable energy sources, along with utilization of renewable materials help reduce our impact on the planet.

At Earthworks, we design for healthy and eco-responsible living. Conservation and utilizing Renewable Energy is a vital contributor to both. Energy is all around us - in the wind, the waves, the sun. But such renewable sources supply only about 9% of our electricity. As fossil fuels get more difficult and more expensive to produce, conservation and renewable alternatives are increasingly important.

All our renewable energy comes in one form or another from the sun. It is about time that we learn how to live within our solar income. Using fossil fuels as our primary energy source is not unlike putting our account into overdraft without a plan to pay it back. We simply cannot afford to continue on the fossil fuel path.

We have to find and implement a sustainable approach to meeting our energy needs. We need to take action on this so we are always looking at how we utilize renewable energy in our homes, at work and in our transportation solutions.

Between peak-oil and global warming, we have many reasons to find our energy from sustainable sources. There is no time like the present to start incorporating renewable energy into our way of working, playing and living.

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