Green Planet Festival
The Green Planet Festival

The Earthworks Sustainability Research Center has a mission to explore and document new approaches to sustainable culture and to share these developments with our fellow global citizens. So we fully support and participate in ways and means to share the knowledge and opporunities we and others have created. Eco Villages are the perfect venue to celebrate an to share new opportunities in sustainable living and the Green Planet Festival was concieved to bring this gathering of all things green it various ecologically focused communities across the country.

The Green Planet Festival is a celebration of sustainable living ideas, products and services held in sustianble communties across the country. The festival location rotates to a different Eco Village each year providing every community the opportunity to fully participate in this event.

It provides sources for a broad spectrum of new and useful resources eco community development, and an opportunity for “Enterprise Members” of our communities to exhibit their goods and services to potential customers from both local and not so local markets.

The festival also provides a showcase for local foods, artists and artisans, as well as a venue for a variety of musical performances.

A celebration of sustainable living, the Green Planet Festival is an opportunity to share the eco-culture of Inclusivity, Kindness, Generosity and Respect to the wider world, and a celebration of the core values shared at both Earthworks, and those in the intentional communities we help develop.

As we bring eco minded communities together in a celebration of thier creativity we believe this festival could become one of Canada’s leading eco-tourism events, bringing thousands of visitors to the hosting region.

Take a look at some examples of the Intentional Communities we have designed. Copyright © Earthwalk Inc.