Fund Raising
Development Capital

The Earthwalk Eco Education Center has provided much of the research and planning that goes into Earthworks Projects.

However, every project we develop requires seed capital to initiate the project. We are always on the lookout for angel investors who can provide seed capital for projects from coast-to-coast.

This helps us in many ways, including developing the common facilities at each project at a faster pace.

With land acquisition a part of each intentional community, each project is often in a position to start its journey with added equity almost immediately, which is a very strong place from which to begin as an investor.

To start the investment exploratory process, please Contact Us anytime.

Not an investor? If you want to be involved with an Earthworks sustainable community development project, whatever you can contribute is always helpful.

Our collective participation ensures the success of these amazing communities. Now is the time to make your resources enable positive change.

We need to marshal resources now, so if you don’t have resources yourself but know individuals who could invest in these projects, please pass along this website link.

With Special Thanks,

The Earthworks Eco Development Team

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