The Earthworks strategy is to develop outdoor activity areas and walking trails that will enable community members and visitors to connect with nature and more specifically, the wonderful natural features of our sites.

Outdoor sports and recreation do much more than simply promote mind and body wellness. Being out and active in nature facilitates our connection with the world around us, even if our time investment extends to just a few moments every day. And while many of us appreciate the wonder of the outdoors, probably very few of us head off to our recreational activities with a concept of what eco-friendly recreation really is.

We encourage designs with waterfront features that promote outdoor activities, along with a number of camping sites for eco tourists to visit the village. By incorporating an edible wild forest, visitors and members will be able to enjoy nutritious wild food as they walk about the park areas.

When it comes to health and fitness, the world is at your fingertips. You can save money and resources by cutting down on costly gym memberships in favor of an outdoor fitness program. Remember, it does not take much to get out into the open for a run or a walk. Green hiking and green biking opportunities give us the chance to smell the morning air, or the earth after a good rain.

At The Goodlife Eco Village, we have planned a walking trail through an Edible Forest Parkland and our site is almost completely surrounded with the St. Lawrence River. We will have exceptional waterfront access including a boat launch, docks and swimming area that community members share.

Good health includes good fitness, and our plan is to incorporated fitness facilities in our villages. The plan includes an outdoor playground for younger guests as well as a variety of other facilities for both indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Another one of our village sites has been designed to be totally dedicated to fitness, with extensive sport facilities and resources.

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