Eco Economic
Creating A Sustainable Local Economy

Earthworks is not just a sustainable community design firm; it actively promotes sustainable economic development within each community. Our full intention is to facilitate local, sustainable economic development both within each village and within the context of the surrounding communities.

The timing for these initiatives could not be better as green products and services are currently the fastest growing sector of our economy. So the potential for growth in this sector great paticularly in local economies. Most community economic development departments are can see that the writing on the wall has become a billboard and are taking action to support green enterprise in their communities.

We work with the local municipalities to improve zoning bylaws to encompass more sustainable approaches to land use and to encourage the establishment of Eco Village zoning. We also often get involved in assisting them in their municipal sustainability plans. We also work on Sustainable Economic Development initiatives in conjunction with communities to help support the development of green enterprise initiatives.

Starting last year we are also actively developing an Eco Business Fund to help community businesses with startup capital that can accelerate their success. We also work with angel investor facilitators like The Visioneers Group to help find funding for eco-enterprises and sustainable community projects.

"The Visioneers Group is a team of business visionaries who develop financial solutions that have a positive social impact."

The Visioneers team is developing a proprietary platform that matches innovative ecopreneurs with an international network of Social Capital Sources. They are a great resource for sourcing capital for community eco-enterprises. This is a group whose mission is to see money make a difference, and prefer projects that have a positive impact on profit, people and the planet.

By combining social capital resources and The Enterprise Center community business initiatives, we can not only gain access to eco-funding, but also a matrix of business development technologies that can greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurial projects.

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