Eco Living Village

You could live in a Thousand Island Eco Village just minutes from downtown Kingston - enjoying all the pleasures of country life, yet knowing that all the resources of one of Ontario's most exciting and picturesque cities is just minutes from home.

Truly the best of both worlds and its AVAILABLE TODAY!

Kingston was the original capital of Canada, and it still retains all the historic charm and cultural richness of a city that once was the center of a Country.

Today, it has is a thriving community with an energetic city center. The ferry drops you off in the midst of the restaurants and entertainment of downtown Kingston and when it’s time to leave the vibrant nightlife, the waterfront twinkles as you head home on the ferry. When you reach the island you know you have arrived at an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility.

A project we have been working on for over a year may soon be ready for participation, the Goodlife Eco Village features a beautiful location with water-views of the mighty St. Lawrence River in four directions. It feels like you are away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, yet the city lights of Kingston's skyline are just a 15-minute ferry ride across the water.

Building Lots May Soon Be Available in this Waterfront Eco Village


We have a unique opportunity to benefit from the security of living in a community designed for today and tomorrow where you can revel in the freedom of a healthy country lifestyle while enjoying views of the city skyline over the water. An oasis from city life that offers unique qualities that are becoming very rare to find.

This completely organic land has never seen agricultural pesticides and has been owned and loved by one family for over 200 years.

These lots will have exclusive access to a private edible forest, a landscaped community parkland featuring organic garden plots for each family which can help ensure your family’s food quality and security.


Building Lots are now available in a planned Eco Village on Wolfe Island just a 15-minute ferry ride from downtown Kingston Ontario, or a short 5-minute ferry ride from Cape Vincent in New York State. There are eleven organic 1.5-acre lots available in this unique waterfront eco-village.

Every lot in the Goodlife Eco Village comes with certain perks, like a plot in the community organic garden center (see lot #1), and a share in a community-shared agriculture program.


Part of our approach to community building is to optimize both the quality and security of the community’s food supply. Our plans are to develop “Organic Garden Plots” for every household in the community, along with an “Edible Forest Parkland” that incorporates fruit trees, berry crops and perennial food plants into an attractive recreational parkland which also provides an additional food supply to the community.

With acres to work with, the community-shared agricultural resources can provide an abundant supply of fresh organic produce for community members.

We see the possibility to create a Community Greenhouse and Composting Center that will support our organic food production capacity. We believe that our organic food production will far exceed the community needs, so we can see the potential to market organic produce as part of our community-owned eco-enterprise.

In addition, we are developing a permaculture plan for all the common lands that balances our food production needs with the recreational, cultural, educational, and economics needs of the community.

These plans are evolving with the input from community members, but you can see one of the land use proposals below, which illustrates the potential and the extent to which they can contribute to the quality of life for all Goodlife Eco Village residents.


Each lot is easily accessible by a private road with Ontario Hydro already available to each site.

However, the island is well known for its wind energy production and this site is ideal for developing off-grid energy self-sufficiency for individual homes and for community facilities. This site has unique characteristics that support highly efficient solar and wind energy production that can easily provide backup or alternative renewable energy security for the families that live here.

Note: The roads and common lands are maintained from within the community.


The families in this Eco-Village will also have private access to the water, including a boat launch, with plans to also develop a dock and swimming area. Wolfe Island itself is famous for its great fishing spots, and it’s a paradise for cyclists with a well-maintained network of roads and trails with very little traffic. Lots to do!

The Island is a water lovers paradise with great Swimming, Sailing, Boating and Fishing opportunities all around the island. The sun is shining, the water is blue and warm and a gentle breeze is blowing. For sailors and boaters there is nothing more relaxing than to spend those warm summer days out on the water, sailing from island to island and marveling at the stunning beauty of nature. Nights, find them gazing at the star-filled sky. For many Ontario boaters, the Thousand Islands may well be the best place in the world to live.

For anglers the waters surrounding the island are filled with fish of all types and sizes including Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, Pike and Muskellunge. The waters surrounding Wolfe Island abound with game fish of all types and sizes. Lying at the mouth of the St Lawrence Seaway the Island provides anglers with access to both Lake Ontario species and the ones that frequent the seaway itself. See "About Wolfe Island" below.


Located on the largest of the Thousand Islands, this location is truly exceptional.

Nestled in the waters of the St. Lawrence River, this land features great views with water in all four directions, and waterfront access for swimming, fishing, and boating.

The GOODLIFE ECO VILLAGE is 10 minutes from the town of Marysville right on the Island, which is only 15 minutes by the FREE FERRY to DOWNTOWN KINGSTON Ontario. Wolfe Island is also only a short 5-minute ferry ride to Cape Vincent in New York State.

Water views seem to surround the entire community on Holliday Point, where a number of upscale homes have already been built. The fortunate families that take advantage of these last building lots will never regret settling into such a beautiful landscape.


You can make your dream home! Here you can build any style of Eco-Home on your lot and enjoy the additional community resouces that enhance your lifestyle.

We have eco-home designers and builders that have taken a keen interest in this project, and will enthusiastically help you create your own high-performance and healthy home in this safe and green community.

As a resident in the eco-village you have lots of options. The talented house builders at Natural Buildings for example have offered to build homes in The Goodlife Eco Village that are built with natural materials free from toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds found in homes commonly built today.

These high-performance eco-homes are also designed to be highly energy-efficient with a very low environmental footprint. Here you can match your lifestyle to the home you build. Call us and start on your dream home project today!

The green home construction methods that we recommend range from traditional and robust timber frame and log structures to ground-breaking solutions like straw bale construction, cob, bio-fiber, Earthships and geodesic domes.

To provide energy security for our clients, we also have been evaluating the top solar-heating and cooling systems and a wide variety of renewable energy systems. The location of the village provides excellent solar and wind exposure.

Our testing and research has produced a set of recommendations that are available to Earthworks clients. Each application has a different set of requirements, so we help our clients match the technology to their specific needs and lifestyle.


Successful intentional communities tend to develop a business plan which helps to support the resource base of the community.

In Earthworks Eco Villages, we generally build in an Eco Enterprise Center that supports not only community enterprises, but also the home business initiatives of its community members.

At Goodlife Eco Village, we suggested having a Community Center for social, educational and entertainment events, and an Enterprise Center which forms a hub for the economic activity in the Village.

Here is one proposal for the land use that shows not only our Recreational Resources with the Boat House, Dock and Swimming area, but also a large area for an Edible Forest Parkland.


We have managed to secure a truly great deal on this 200-year-old organic land, that forms the canvas on which we are creating our community.

These lots were appraised at $60K each in 2012, before adding the eco-village resource base to their value. With the additional water access, private parkland, organic garden plots, and community facilities, tree plantings, etc., now each of these lots are worth much more then what they were appraised at five years ago.

It seems that the first few 1.5-acre lots in this community will be available for less than $59,000 in dispersements.

All the severances are complete, and now that the residential zoning work is all done the price of these lots may be going up soon, so now is the time to invest in a sustainable and healthy future for you and your family. Only a dozen families will have this opportunity, so now may be the time to become a member in this exclusive eco-minded community which will offer the possibility of extraordinary food and energy security, as well as a truly exceptional quality of life.

There are advantages to those that get involved in this project early and with the severances in plance you can get involved with this project now.

CALL US Toll-Free at (888) 844-3444 (ext. 7) for more information. Of course inquiries from Home Builders and Developers are also invited.


Wolfe Island has been described as a magical place where time goes by a little bit more slowly, a place where an old fashioned, friendly country lifestyle still exists. Somehow, this magic is just a short ferry ride away from "the big city of Kingston" and has so much to offer to tourists, and Islanders alike.

The Ferry Ride from the city of Kingston Ontario is a pleasant 15-minute voyage, featuring scenic views of the island as you approach the landing at the island town of Marysville. The ferry runs every day from 5:45am to 2:00am.

Marysville itself has everything a family might need, from its artsy and entertaining shopping and restaurant scene, to the practical things like schools, post office, community center, fire hall, emergency services and medical center.

The Attraction - Islanders may try to keep this treasure a secret, but the word gets out. First time visitors to the Island are surprised to find lots to see and do, with many great places to eat and lovely places to stay.

Events like the Wolfe Island Music Festival (one of the region’s biggest summer events) draws thousands of visitors to the island, but most of the time it’s a lovely, peaceful oasis from the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

Beaches - Big Sandy Bay (right off the ferry, left on 95 to Reeds Bay Road and right onto 3rd Line Road), is described as one of the best hidden gems in the area. Big Sandy Bay is a well-loved beach located on the western shore of Wolfe Island.

The area is known for rare birds, trees and other unique plant species.

Bird Watching (everywhere!) - Over two-hundred species of birds live on or migrate through the island every year, making Wolfe Island a perfect place for birders. In fact, the island has been recognized by Important Bird Areas of Canada - an initiative that monitors and conserves significant bird habitats. All you need is a good bird book and a pair of binoculars!

Cycling (various routes) - The first thing I was ever told about Wolfe Island was that the cycling is excellent, and it's true. Four main routes have been established through colored signage. Most of these routes take cyclists away from heavily trafficked areas, making for a peaceful, pleasant tour of the countryside.

Family Fun - The Wolfe Island Corn Maze (right turn off the ferry and up Hwy 95 about 3.2km): This corn maze is a popular destination for kids of all ages, run from the beginning of August to the beginning of November. This fun and sometimes spooky maze offers affordable good times.

Surrounded By Shorelines - The island is a water-lovers paradise with great Swimming, Sailing, Boating and Fishing opportunities all around the island. For anglers, the waters surrounding the island are filled with fish of all types and sizes including Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, Pike and Muskellunge.

Water Sport Haven - The legendary winds on the island keep smiles on the faces of the many windsurfers and kite surfing enthusiasts.

Golfing (802 9th Line Road) - Riverfront Golf Course is a nine-hole course designed to meet the needs of seasoned and beginner golfers alike.

History - Old House Museum (Leander Street, near the ferry dock): The Old House Museum is the oldest home in Marysville. The museum is run by volunteers and houses a variety of items from Wolfe Island's history such as stories of the ferry from a captain's perspective.

Wind Turbine Tours (everywhere!) - Print off the Self-Guided Wolfe Island Walking Tour Map & Narrative and take yourself plus your family on a tour of the wind turbines that populate the west-end of the island. Learn about hydro developers, the history of the wind farm, how wind turbines work, are constructed and much more.


Chili Festival (Wolfe Island Community Centre) - Each year, Wolfe Island celebrates winter with its popular Chili Festival. The day features the annual chili competition, ice skating, hockey and other games, as well as hay rides around the village. The festival takes place near the end of January or beginning of February.

The Race - Wolfe Island Classic (Marysville Village): These 5km and 10km races have been running annually at the beginning of July for 34 years now, and proceeds go to support the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic. The course is described as "scenic but hilly and challenging".

Music - Wolfe Island Music Festival (Marysville): This ever growing festival has been taking place at the beginning of August for over 10 years now. The party runs over two days, and showcases the talents of 20 Canadian bands. Tickets typically go on sale in May and can include camping.

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