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Our Learning Village - Earthwalk

We developed the site for an Eco Educational Village in 2004, which evolved over three years and began offering indoor and outdoor programs for children and adults in 2007.

This Eco Learning Village was designed around permaculture and a mission to share insights into sustainable living. It featured an education center, nature trails, workshops as well as permaculture demonstration sites including a garden, orchard, vineyard, greenhouse and aquiculture projects.

The main building demonstrated healthy home technology along with high efficiency air and water filtration, solar heat and cooling technology plus renewable energy systems. It was surrounded and embraced with an edible forest landscape.

In the first year, we’d engaged with the planning and development of the site and its facilities. And later, we contributed to developing a whole series of courses and workshops for Earthworks Sustainable Living Institute that ranged from renewable energy, organic gardening, food for health, green building, healthy homes, bio-diversity, conservation, permaculture, climate change, water purification, and eco transportation.

Recently we have been asked to contribute to a planned degree program through Gaia University. We have now been asked to design facilities to accommodate educational programs, which will incorporate the latest techniques of accelerated learning through holistic action based education.

Earthwalk Eco Education Center was actually created as a small eco village dedicated to eco-education. It now offers sustainable educational experiences throughout Eastern Ontario and beyond.

We invited those interested in making a difference to consider joining the initiative to create and operate this village of eco-educators and activists who are delivering programming making a difference every day.

Our mission at Earthwalk was to help raise consciousness about sustainable solutions to our social and environmental issues. Through over 100 workshops, seminars and courses, we share information and techniques for healthy and environmentally responsible living.

Earthwalk was conceived in response to a growing need in this country to move towards a more sustainable and healthy society. Creating a sustainable life now is not only critical to our quality of life of this generation, but also that of our children and our children's children.

A dedicated group of eco educators have pooled resources at Earthwalk to bring together tangible and practical solutions to many of our sustainability issues.

We are developing a complete catalogue of Earthwalk Eco Educational Programs at our facilities which are available both at our 5-acre eco-education center and through our outreach seminar series. These programs facilitate the creation of a new and more sustainable culture that include workshops and seminars ranging from eco-home design and construction, healthy home solutions, renewable energy, organic food production, eco-gardens, natural health strategies, eco-transportation and much more.

Never before has there been such a need to understand and integrate sustainable practices in our homes, at work, and in our communities. It is becoming clear to many that if we do not act now to create a healthier and more sustainable society, the destiny of both this generation and the generations to follow will be tenuous at best.

Change is driven by knowledge. Talented leaders and instructors are participating in the Earthwalk educational programs, coming from near and far to share their knowledge and experience with you. These sustainable living educational programs provide a multitude of resources which can help chart your personal path to sustainability. All of the over 100 environmental training programs designed for Earthwalk focus on pro-active solutions.

With rising energy prices and a growing demand for healthy homes and eco-friendly construction, more and more people are coming around to building green either from the start or as retrofit installations.

There are multiple benefits to building green from health to efficiency to the environmental and social benefits of eco construction methods. It takes a little more time to build a sustainable home but it more than pays for itself in the long term benefits of "doing it right".

This takes planning and research. Earthwalk has been involved with Sustainable Construction for some time and we have done a lot of critical analysis along the way which we share in our workshops. "We have designed and facilitated a wide variety of eco construction solutions and at our Sustainable Living Center you can now benefit not only from our personal experiences but the more varied and vast experience of our sustainable construction Instructors"

. Earthwalk has been delivering programs for over a decade and has actually out grown it digs and is looking for a much larger location where we can build more demonstration projects that illustrate the best of technologies and techniques for sustainable living so if you know of a large parcel of organic aerable land that is available please let us know.

At Earthwalk, they explore actions we can take today in our own lives, in our homes, our businesses and our communities to begin the transition to a sustainable future - a future that we all will share.

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