Eco Enterprises
Eco Enterprise Center

Sustainable Enterprise Development is one of the objectives of Earthworks.

We model our Eco Enterprise Centers after the business center facilities created at the Earthwalk Eco Center.

Earthworks community designs almost always include a business center designed to incubate new eco-businesses that can employ members with income generation activities that are congruent with sustainable principles.

Generally, community members are also shareholders in community based enterprises. All shareholders benefit from the success of the eco-enterprises run by community members and strategic partners. With multiple business units providing several profit centers, the potential for an Eco Enterprise Center is substantial, sustainable and robust.

The Eco Enterprise Center often features shared facilities and resources to support the needs of community based businesses. The center provides expertise and assistance in areas ranging from business planning, sourcing, manufacturing, communications, administration and marketing. We also offer business mentoring and training programs.

Earthworks Enterprise Members can apply to have a business idea incubated by EDG (Enterprise Development Group). All members can volunteer, intern or potentially be employed by the eco-enterprises based at Earthworks. Eco-employment opportunities are now, and will continue to be a priority of Earthworks community development strategies.

Typically, The Enterprise Center gets involved with incubating several business activities from green building design and build services, eco landscaping, permaculture design, organic food production, heritage seeds and nursery, organic beekeeping, passive solar-heated greenhouses, passive solar-heating and cooling systems, healthy home design and decorating, eco products, natural health products and services, eco education, community shared agriculture (CSA) and eco-tourism. The profits from each Eco Enterprise Center are generally reinvested in the community, so everyone in the village can play a part in growing a strong and sustainable local economy.


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