Eco Employment
Eco Employment

Today the fastest growing sector in our economy is the sustainable product and service sector. Both in terms of business and employment the most impressive growth poential is in the green economy.

The businesses based out of the Eco Enterprise Center built into every Earthworks village create green employment opportunities for community members and their families.

Most our community based businesses trade with the communities that surround our intentional villages. This creates income and employment for the residents of our villages. Our communities develop strong economies partly by exporting goods and services to the local markets that surround the community.

But we dont stop with local markets. The Eco Enterprise Centre will have high speed internet access which opens up national and international markets for its member businesses. The shared expenses of our Eco Enteprise Centres reduce the costs for members businesses which puts them at a competative advantage compared to business outside the village.

In fact our eco villages are designed to facilitate lots of ways to create employment within the context of community sustainable enterprise. For example, the creation of a local community currency is a great way to stimulate the free-flow of energy and goods and stimulate the community economy.

So within our communities, we often create an Earthworks "Work Exchange" where community members can earn "Earthworks Dollars" by working on community projects. A members' labour on community projects will be in turn credited in Earthworks Dollars to the members' Work Exchange account. Those credits can be spent on a wide variety of goods and services within the Earthworks Community.

Though our community can also participate in international barter exchange networks, most of our energy and time will be dedicated to creating a healthy local economy that can provide our community members with positive hands-on learning experiences as well as sustainable employment and business opportunities.

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