Eco Elder Village
The Eco Elder Village

We were approached to create an Eco Elder Village to provide seniors with specialized accommodations and resources within a healthy and sustainable community. The Elder Village would provide older residents with comfortable environments designed specifically to enhance their health and well-being. Incorporated into the community plan was easy access to fitness facilities and a holistic therapy center providing chiropractic, massage, physio, as well as geriatric medical support.

The Elder Village seeks to optimize the lifestyle opportunites for its residents. Designed as an engaging, active and nurturing community, it features recreation and entertainment facilities that keep residents involved and active. The detailed plans for this complex have not been released to the public yet, however here is a sneek peak at the site plan of our Eco Elder Village:

The Eco Elder Village features buildings that utilize a passive solar design which provides all its own heating and cooling. Earthships and hempcrete apartments plus support facilities provide sustainable and healthy structures in the complex. The village is designed to encourage an active lifestyle and as a primarily pedestrian community, walking paths weave throughout the village. A parking area is provided for guests and residents that keeps vehicles out of the community itself. With the exception of emergency vehicles, only silent, clean, electric carts are allowed on the village grounds. Accommodation is provided by a complex of low-maintenance apartments that incorporate some very special features, suitable for residents experiencing limited physical capacity. We understand that most diseases impacting our elders are connected to toxicity or dietary deficiencies, so we go to great lengths to optimize the environmental and nutritional inputs that can have the greatest impact on our residents' well-being.

The accommodations are designed to optimize physical and mental preformance. In this project, we've designed five buildings with ten residences for each buildng. Each "studio suite" features full-spectrum evening lighting, with natural daylight from skylights and windows during the day. The rooms are all EMF shielded and provided with clean solar-power electricity. The drinking water supply is 5 stage reverse-osmosis water which removes all toxins including fluoride and chlorine. The bathroom faucets are fitted with carbon filters that remove the chlorine from bath/shower water. Direct fresh air is available to every room, and the central interior air supply is Hepa-Filtered to remove air pollutants. Only Zero VOC paints and finishes are used, and all-natural contruction materials provide an optimum zero-toxin environment. Every room includes special beds and lighting that support deep sleep.

A Rooftop greenhouse provides a fresh supply of organic vegetables and fruit for optimal health and delicious meal options. Dining facilities in the complex a run by a natural health dietitian who can provide custom dietary regimes. Accessible ramping and level walking trails provide easy access to being active in the edible forest parkland that surrounds the residences.

Our Eco Elder Village design also features a recreation and entertainment complex with an outdoor concert venue that provides a wealth of activities that one can simply walk to. The Eco Elder Village is a perfect example of how a specialized optimal-health-driven, intentional community can be designed to properly support the needs of adults and elders.

The Eco Elder Village is an adult and elder community dedicated to sustainable and heathy living. Communities like this one honors the ongoing contribution that our elders make to our society and provides an optimal environment for them to do so.

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