Eco Culture
Eco Culture

Part of creating sustainable communities is developing sustainable cultural resources that facilitate an attitude of environmental responsibility and mutual support. At Earthworks, we go to great lengths to developing just such a culture in the communities that we help to create. A culture that is inclusive and embodies the values of Kindness, Generosity and Respect. A culture centered around the principles of permaculture.

Art as education helps to develop mental acuity, expression and creativity - all essential ingredients in a balanced community. It is a well known fact that art is therapy, and the promotion of the arts will help us facilitate an attitude of Respect, Kindness and Generosity. Whether we speak of music, theatre, dance, painting or the many other forms of artistic expression used by humanity, establishing a Creative Arts Center will allow community members to explore their creative side and participate in the development of a local Arts community.

A culture of Inclusivity, Kindness, Generosity and Respect goes beyond the confines of Earthworks sites. In acknowledging our responsibility to the planet, Earthworks will actively promote ecological awareness through the Green Planet Festival.

Embracing and celebrating our differences as well as our similarities, sharing successes, acknowledging mistakes without judgment and giving community members the opportunity to grow within their personal spiritual practices will enable these goals. While acknowledging that all communities developed through Earthworks have no religious agenda, each community will include a “Worship Center” that welcomes all faiths and practices.

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