Health Coaching
Health Coaching

Earthworks designs a natural health resource center into each of our villages, where you will find a wealth of expertise in creating and maintaining health. Whenever possible, we establish a Natural Oasis Healing Arts Centre into the design which can offer a wide range of expertise available for consultations. From coaching on integrated therapies to nutritional and health management consulting from the Canadian Natural Health Association and Hippocrates Health Institute, Earthworks can bring the best natural health expertise available to its patrons.

In addition to coaching there will also be regular natural health seminars and courses offered through the center.

At an Earthworks designed community, you can empower yourself with our natural health workshops or coaching which can change your life forever.

We want eveyone in our communities to live healthy productive lives. So everything we design into our programing support you being able to live up to your genetic potential and be the best that you can be. The foundation of our health programs are simple and easy to achieve. An evidence based approach to healthy living that has proven to produce improved quality and longevity of life.

Earthworks offers workshops, seminars, courses, field trips as well as personal training programs covering a wide range on sustainable living and natural health subjects.

Our programs are designed to provide the foundation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that can enhance not only your health, but enrich your lifestyle. We can offer workshops, courses and personal coaching with some of the best trainers in the business.

Join us in our journey to total health.

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